Japanese cuisine restaurant- best sushi and ramen in Dubai authentic delivery <body><font size=h1><b><strong> description" content="Welocome to Bentoya Homepage, I am Shinji Tan iuchi, Owner Chef of Bentoya Kitchen. L.L.C. I used to work for Hyatt Regency Hotel International group as Japanese Chef and was serving Japanese food for 15 years. I established Bentoya in 1997 to pursue my dream to serve an authentic Japanese food at reasonable price. I truly enjoyed being in this glowing country of Dubai and appreciating my customerユs patronage for the past 6 and half years. We at Bentoya are always trying our best to serve the best quality Japanese food at reasonable price. We are also offering Japanese food materials such as raw fish those are not handily available in this Middle East area. For the Food Material, we are receiving many customers from neighboring countries such as in Iran.. </strong></b></font> </body>